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Who We Are

  As a family, we enjoy family meals, weekend getaways, and we make a big deal about birthdays! We support and encourage each other. We enjoy spending time together. Our best times are when we’re laughing so hard our stomachs get sore.  

We are a Christian family who work hard to uphold Christian values.  The most important being unconditional love, love you don't have to earn.  We believe the purpose of family is to support and encourage, and to provide a safe place where it's members can cultivate their gifts, and live a life full of joy and laughter.


Our Favorite Past Times

We enjoy living in the Great Northwest.  From hiking Denny Creek or Mt Si to kayaking the Puget Sound, we love the outdoors.  Favorite weekend getaways include Long Beach, Oregon Coast, Orcas Island, and Mt Rainier.  Favorite Wildlife parks are Woodland Park, Northwest Trek, and the Seattle Aquarium.  Favorite restaurants, well, too many to list.   We also enjoy superhero movies, museums, theatre, and live music.  

We have fun simply being together! 


Growing our Family

"As Christians, even though our lives have been far from perfect, through Christ, God adopted us into his family (Rom 5:8) and we receive all the benefits of His sons and daughters. That's the blessing of adoption. The love I have for my adoptive mother grows even more, when I think about the fact that she CHOSE me. She brought me into her family and loved me as her own. My birth mother, in making that difficult decision, displayed an EXTRAORDINARY example of unconditional love. The birth of a child is a unique and special gift that God gives to the world. Adoption is not abandonment, but unconditional love from both birth and adoptive parents who partner together to provide the best environment for that special gift to be nurtured".   


"I'm so excited to become a first-time Mom through adoption!  I have always had the desire to adopt. When thinking about my future family, adopting would always be right there on my heart. I’ve always thought it to be such a beautiful thing for everyone involved. When I met my husband and learned that not only was he himself adopted, but that we were unable to have children naturally, it was confirmation that he was the man I was meant to marry and that ADOPTION is the way we are meant to grow our family".  -LeAuna    

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Gerald and LeAuna