Things that are important to me...

I am a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love sharing the good news of Christ because it's a message of faith, hope, and love.  We strive to build our home on these virtues.  I believe a healthy environment in which a child can grow, is one that stands on biblical principles, saturated with love and trust.  

I love health and fitness.  I believe it is important to be healthy and fit because it effects every aspect of our lives.  Eating healthy and staying active are regular practices of our family and are among the foundations of our wellbeing.  

I enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.  I love the smile of satisfaction my wife gives me every time she eats something I've prepared. 

My personal mission in life includes helping people discover their God-given gifts and purpose.  As I grow personally, I try to bring out the best in my loved ones as well.  I'm looking forward to loving, nurturing, and raising the child or children with whom God blesses my wife and me.  It will be exciting to take part in raising the next world changer! 


LeAuna describes Gerald as the perfect balance: brainy but has swag, silly but serious when he needs to be, intellectual but relatable.  He loves the Lord which makes him a better husband as he brilliantly allows scripture to guide his life; and makes it look effortless as he teaches the rest of us how it's done.  Fathering champions is among the important tasks with which God has entrusted him.  This is proven in the fantastic son he has already raised.  He is genuine and he loves her like she's never been loved before.